Saturday, May 18, 2019


Week 8: Sewing Station 
Stamping Schedules...

Navigating through uncharted waters, I decided to re~visit multiple ways to set up my work station to move and flow with the standard size traveller's notebook chosen for my working weekend TN production presentation, "Build Your Standard TN" All of the production resources are listed in the social media comment section provided to the right or below each published video. 

After reading the posts, viewing the videos and sharing your comments concerning what impacted your thoughts. Sign~in the guest guide to see the other ways our corporate culture can assist with the restoration of your studio~life environment. 

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Tuesday, January 1, 2019


♪♫ Good Midwest morning ♫♪ I'm officially 10 YEARS IN developing out our corporate community culture,  Thank you so much for the continued encouragement and for subscribing to the various social media stations, while chiming in with your personal perspective.

Personally as well as professionally, 2019 holds so much more in~store.  I've embarked on a time of reflection in seeking biblical truths for answers to complex situations. I'll be sharing more of my personal convictions in hopes of releasing a greater measure of healing and restoration through small business owners who understand their rightful position in Christ.

As of 2018, now that the artisan admin retreat center {aarc_studiolife} has been established, it will be a place where we'll be able to gather to express more of worship through the sacred arts. I hope you'll create some time during the year to join in the various workshops being offered for our corporate community's benefit.

This is a year of golden celebrations and multiple transitions. If you would like some assistance in building out your traveler's notebook for #onebookoneyear, don't hesitate to ask or view the multiple videos published on the retreat channels/platforms.

Until we meet online or face~to~face may the presence of the Lord continue to overwhelm you, as He manifests himself through your life. Blessings

Tuesday, October 2, 2018


2019 is right around the corner.  Have you decided on your paper planner? What will you use to organize your social media creative content? In addition to YouTube, where should you post/publish your polished production presentation?

The planner playlist was designed to help you work through some of the common challenges as well as my personal artisan admin preferences, from outlining to allowing time for social engagement with your current subscribers. 

Be sure to leave comments, questions or inquiries about 2019 projects in our corporate community culture. Thanks so much to being an active participant.   

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Bloggess Sphere

A network of small business owners collaborating 
to establish home-based community businesses.

We check~in on a creative basis to implement successful 
production tactics as well as 
proven innovative artisan administrative strategies. 
Need assistance??? 
You are welcome to sign in the guest guide:

Thank you for the opportunity to serve.
Connecting and organizing our social media
creative content through paper planners.

Sunday, September 9, 2018


Allow me to re-introduce myself. I'm Nicole, the founder of and also the builder of the Planner's Plan It.  As of 2019, I will be 10 years fully invested in the development as well as restoration our corporate community culture. 

The online social media stations, listed below are the platforms where you can find better insight as to what I'm working on next. 

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Scrolling through and subscribing is great but I really appreciate the interaction within the online/onsite groups more. Be sure to like and leave a comment when visiting the other platforms.  As a small business owner, if you need further assistance with your workflow prep through the production process, sign-in to the guest guide.

I'll be posting next week more details about:

Thursday, August 16, 2018

~ Planner Solution Series ~

Podcast Management:

September is that time of year, within the US where seasons start to transition, people return from vacations and children progress to the next level of instruction.  Or in my case, decide to prepare a hometown stay-cation to refresh and rejuvenate my weary soul.  I grab warm comfy pajamas and pray for the days I can sleep in, allowing my mind to rest from studio sessions well edited and executed.  

During this time of year, I also like to revisit previously published creative content.  It's a good way for me to remember the material prepped from the storyboard stage through to social media distribution.  It's also a systematic way I decide which posts will go on to become our seasonal workshops and artisan admin tutorials.

Primarily, the most requested set of instructions or inquiries I receive are about demonstrating the "step by step" process of a particular video/podcast project I managed to produce.  Welp, for 2019, I'll be doing just that.  T~O~C TOWN onsite production workshops and online tutorials will be available for you to gain direct access to myself, as a podcast/video blog producer. 

From various aspects of the video production process, download exclusive creative content for future access as a video production assistant; plus incorporate detailed reference guides and admin tools. Best of all, receive personable assistance through my perspective and begin applying all of the techniques, in order to set up your unique artisan admin team and video/podcast production crew.  


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